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Revival of the Performer with Sid Ryan Eilers

Presented by Suitcase in Point's Nest Artist Residency, join the Sid Ryan Eilers for Revival of the Performer, a two-hour workshop that centres the performer's body–the instrument of their own creativity and liberation.

Your body is innately intelligent; it grows, heals, changes, and adapts. Your body experiences feelings of feeling, senses overflowing with data, and knowings that are beyond what our current worldviews can articulate. We will arrive and awaken through the Conscious Bodies Methodology: movement and sensorial prompts activating our intelligence, pleasure and joy, and connecting them to the emergence of now; releasing the notion that there is a "right way".

About Sid Ryan Eilers

I am a dance artist working in Ohròn:wakon/Hamilton, Ontario.  I create contemporary/experimental dance works for live audiences.  The culture I inhabit is inherently white-centric, patriarchal, racist, and homo/transphobic. I acknowledge the effect on myself and engage in anti-oppressive work to heal on a personal level. While this healing exists in a therapeutic realm, the realizations lead to artistic energy. I aim to bring performative creations to be a catalyst for critical dialogue. Through the course Sharing Privilege, workshops with Elders at Dodem Kenosha, Righting Relations and Neighbour 2 Neighbour, I am committed to rebuilding my way of thinking, being and doing. My creative process has developed through work with Andrea Nann in Conscious Bodies Method and mentorship with Israeli choreographer Shahar Binyamini. As my process shifts to express the intersections of my identity (white, settler, queer, non-binary, single parent, Hamiltonian, child, sibling, artist, #metoo survivor, neighbour, choreographer) I notice my internalized shame. I am learning to lean gently into this shame; it is risky. I am learning to release the notion that there is a “right way” to create, to perform, to be.

Meet the Facilitators

Workshop Details


December, 15, 10 AM-12 PM +


Online via Zoom


Limited capacity - Register online at the link below


Self-identified emerging artists aged 18 and older


A two-hour workshop that centres the performer's body

Limited capacity - register today!

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