2021 Festival Team

Deanna Jones – Artistic Director
Tamara Jensen – Marketing and Development Director
Marcel Stewart – Outreach Director
James McCoy – Production and Technical Director
Holly Keus – Production and Workshop Coordinator
Annie Slade – Administrative Assistant
Michelle Mohammed – Artistic Associate
Kaylyn Valdex Scott – Artistic Associate
Hayley King – Production Assistant
Shendel Rogers – Production Assistant
Iain Lidstone – Production Assistant
Alex Sykes – Production Assistant
Jordine De Guzman – Production Assistant

Festival Crew
Event Coordinator – Holly Keus
Website – Joe lapinski
Graphic Design – Natasha Pedros
Festival Lounge Aesthetic / Design – Brain Kite Artistic Solutions
Venue Map – Brittany Brooks
Official Event Photographer – Lauren Garbutt
Official Event Videographers – Fourgrounds Media Inc.
Audio Technician (Papa Tee Show Mobile) – Kenneth Roy Meehan
Sensitivity Training Facilitator – Patty Krawec
Noloxone Training Facilitator – Claire Laurie (Positive Living Niagara)
Covid Consultant – Janet Sellery (Sellery Health and Safety)
Good People at the NAC – Melanie McDonald, Matty Caldwell, Connor Wilkes, Steven Remus and Natasha Pedros

2021 Volunteers
Josh Loewen, Kahlin Holmes, Nigel Scott, Nyasha Nherera, Rebecca Walsh, Sodienye Waboso Amajor, Wilma Grochowina, Kasia Smugga, Tristan Holmes, Jared Geden, Anthony Perri

2021 Programming Committee:

Joe Lapinski
Natasha Pedros
Michelle Mohammed
Annie Slade
Marcel Stewart
Deanna Jones
Tamara Jensen
Holly Keus

Past Programming Committee Members:
Sara Palmieri – Co-Founder / Collaborator
Anah Shabbar – Greenbelt Arts / Collaborator
Annie Wilson – Co-Founder / Collaborator
Jory Yack – Co-Founder / Collaborator
Jon Lepp – Collaborator

In the Soil Arts Festival Co-Founders
Annie Wilson
Sara Palmieri
Joe Lapinski
Natasha Pedros
Deanna Jones
Jordy Yack

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Festival Partners

Government Funders

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