Soul Canvas: Unleashing Power through Art and Expression

Soul Canvas is here! A FREE, arts-based workshop series created specifically for BIPOC female-presenting and gender non-conforming folks who live in Niagara and are between the ages of 16–22! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity for self-discovery and empowerment through artistic expression.

Register today to meet and learn from an incredible roster of professional Black artists sharing their sweet skills in spoken word, rap, visual arts, movement, theatre, wellness and more!

For full program participants, the workshop series will culminate in a public showcase of your work at the Black History Month “Scratch Night” hosted by Suitcase in Point in February 2024.

This initiative is an artistic opportunity created by Suitcase in Point in partnership with Future Black Female.

The 2023-24 Soul Canvas Workshop Series includes:

DJing, Lyricism and Self-Expression for Empowerment with DijahSB | Saturday September 30 (National Day for Truth and Reconciliation), 12pm-3pm

Rap offers a platform for participants girls to express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences through creative lyricism. Encourage participants to write their own rap verses or poems that reflect their personal journeys, challenges, or aspirations. This can provide an outlet for self-expression and empower them to share their unique perspectives. Participants will be introduced to the art of DJing as a tool for empowerment learning  basic DJ techniques, such as beat-matching and mixing which will encourage them to curate their own empowering playlists. This activity can empower participants to take control of their narratives and express themselves through music.

Healing through Visual Arts and Beading with Oboma Horsfall | Saturday October 21, 12pm-3pm

Embracing the canvas of creativity, participants embark on an exploration of gemstone jewellery-making, unveiling self-discovery and entrepreneurial insights. Amid the intricate beadwork, artistry intertwines with aspiration. O.H's workshop offers a refuge for emotional expression and self-nurturing, enabling the translation of personal stories and sentiments into resonant art forms. In this space, the fusion of healing and imagination propels the next generation of BIPOC women toward not only harnessing their artistic prowess but also cultivating profound self-awareness and growth across all dimensions of their lives.

Empowerment through Theatre and Performance with Dienye Waboso | Saturday November 18, 12pm-3pm

Exploring the healing power of theatricality and performance, participants will be guided in writing and performing their own empowering and cathartic theatrical pieces, based on their own lives and experiences allowing them to express their emotions and share their stories.

Dance and Movement for Mind-Body Connection with Shannon Kitchings | Saturday December 16, 12pm-3pm

This workshop incorporates gentle movement and connection to rhythm to allow participants to explore what their body can do today. Through a series of guided activities, everyone will have a chance to move in ways that feel good to them. Participants are welcome to discover curiosity about moving in new ways and feeling good in their body. This space is designed for you to play, discover, and connect at your own pace.

Music-Making Magic with Eve Atoms | Saturday January 20, 12pm-3pm

An introduction to the therapeutic benefits of music and the inquiry and exploration of sound. Participants will engage in activities like a sound bath, drum circle and collaborative rhythm creation, acoustic instrumental play, songwriting and performance, and digital song creation


What Makes Soul Canvas Unique?

Career Education: We understand that your dreams and ambitions go beyond the canvas. Alongside artistic exploration, Soul Canvas will also provide valuable insights into career education. You'll have the chance to delve into discussions about career paths in the arts, tapping into the guidance and wisdom of accomplished professionals.

Mental Health: Our innovative program seamlessly combines the therapeutic benefits of creative expression with mental health awareness. Each workshop is thoughtfully designed to guide you towards healing and self-expression.

Safe and Supportive Environment: We believe in the strength of community. Soul Canvas offers a welcoming and non-judgmental space where you can freely express yourself, engage in open dialogue, connect with like-minded individuals and access to registered therapists through Future Black Female, if ever needed.

Enrichment through Black Artistry: We're honoured to partner with talented Black artists who will infuse authenticity, depth, and cultural richness into our workshops. Their guidance will help you explore your artistic potential while embracing your identity.

Participants Receive:

  • FREE registration
  • All workshops will include food, snacks, refreshments
  • Travel assistance to and from the workshops is available if applicable
  • Opportunity to share some of your work with an audience during Black History Month in February 2024
  • Certificate of participation

Meet the Facilitators

Workshop Details


September, 30, 12 PM-3 PM + Monthly from September 2023 through February 2024


The Green AKA Suitcase in Point, 36 James Street, St. Catharines L2R 5B8


Register for as many workshops as you wish to attend


BIPOC female-presenting and gender non-conforming folks who live in Niagara and are between the ages of 16-22.


A 5-part arts-based workshop series that seeks to promote self-discovery and empowerment through artistic expression among BIPOC female-presenting and gender non-conforming folks between the ages of 16 and 22 living in Niagara.

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