Policy to Promote a Culture of Anti-Racism,
Anti-Harassment and Equity

This policy that was developed in collaboration between the Staff and Board of Directors of Suitcase in Point. It is an evolving document that will be reviewed annually, or as required, whichever is more frequent.
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Positive Standards of Behaviour

Suitcase in Point strives to be anti-racist.

Suitcase in Point strives to be feminist.

Suitcase in Point strives to provide a positive space for 2SLGBTQ+ people and communities.

Suitcase in Point’s activities and events are to be safe spaces where all human beings are treated with equal value and respected.

Suitcase in Point requires that Staff and the Board of Directors take the onus on themselves to educate themselves about anti-racism and feminism.

Suitcase in Point shall positively work to educate its Staff and Board of Directors and members on anti-racism and feminism.

Suitcase in Point shall positively seek to program work by and featuring BIPOC artists in every season.

Suitcase in Point activities are to be free from psychological harassment, personal harassment and bullying.

Suitcase in Point supports equity, diversity and the dignity of all people and promotes equality in our learning programs, services and employment and in the conduct of its affairs.

Suitcase in Point recognizes a richly diverse society in Ontario and beyond; as well as a duty to act in a manner that promotes equity across race, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic position, creed, age, national origin, physical and mental abilities.

Suitcase in Point commits to creative freedom and freedom of thought, inquiry, and expression among its members that may result in respectful disagreements regarding artistic practice, beliefs or principles.

What We Stand Against

We neither condone nor tolerate behaviour that undermines the dignity of any person.

We do not tolerate any behaviour that creates or contributes to an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

We do not accept discriminatory speech or conduct, harassment, assault, sexual assault or hate speech.

Suitcase in Point acknowledges that we exist within a culture of misogyny and racism. We shall work against these attitudes and the policies that propagate them.

We oppose behaviour that undermines the dignity, self-esteem or productivity and prohibits any form of discrimination or harassment whether it occurs on our premises or in conjunction with company-related activities.

Proactive Measures to Create Safety

Suitcase in Point will act promptly and efficiently to deal with harassment and discriminatory behaviours. We will work to ensure that individuals who believe that they have been subjected to harassment or discrimination are able to express concerns and register complaints without fear of retaliation or reprisal. We will exercise care to protect and respect the rights of both the complainant and the respondent.

Suitcase in Point considers harassment and discrimination in all forms to be serious offences. What is paramount in dealing with any reported incident, is empowering the complainant. Suitcase in Point will always respect the complainant’s agency.

Complaint Process & Artist Care

Any artist, volunteer, staff or Board member, or any associated individual involved in Suitcase in Point’s activities who feels that their dignity or safety has been infringed upon may make a complaint and receive a response promptly and with appreciation (it matters to us). We will ask what the complainant needs in the moment and what they need from us to repair or help. We will ask how they would like to proceed and respect the complainant’s requests.

Complaint Management Process

Suitcase in Point will never require any party to commit to non-disclosure of the incident.

In making a complaint, the Complainant may specify how they wish to engage (if at all beyond the initial complaint) or with the person about whom the complaint is made.

Suitcase in Point does not have therapists, certified mediators or sharing circle leaders, but we will endeavour to facilitate connection with services that are requested. The mediator or reconciliation leader will be a neutral person, who is agreed upon by both parties.

Artist Care

Suitcase in Point will take pro-active measures to ensure the safety of the Artists we engage including: engaging trained staff and volunteers; creating signals for safety and intervention; engaging equipped moderators to encourage thoughtful, respectful discourse for panel discussions; providing artists the choice to engage or not with public after performances.

Suitcase in Point shall not demand anything of the Artist outside of the event that we have contracted the Artist to deliver.

Suitcase in Point encourages Artists to indicate what they consent to and do not consent to.

Suitcase in Point will provide appropriate resources where necessary, to achieve dignified self-representation.

Bibliography to Build Consciousness of Racism

For a more updated list, go to https://bit.ly/Anti-Racism_edu_list

Bibliography to Build Consciousness of Institutionalized Sexism

For a more updated list, go to: https://bit.ly/feminist_edu_list
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