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The Green

We named our downtown studio ‘The Green’ in honour of our dear friend, mentor and wild man, Michael Green.

We proudly name our creative space The Green in memory of Michael, to honour his passion for performance and community, and in celebration of his humour and spirit.
The Green is our home for continued development of new work, as well as a place for our community, our peers and inspired folks to conspire, develop work, host events, perform and carry on with wild creative abandon.
Looking for a place to rehearse, workshop an idea, hold an intimate performance, or have a creative meeting?
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The Green Specs

Room Size and Configuration:

27’ x 37’ (999 square feet)
The Green can be configured into two positions:
A wide position in which the performance area is in the centre of the length wall, with wings on either side. (This allows entrances from either side but no cross over)
Wide Performance area measurement range:
  • 9’x9’ with SL/SR masking (musician can be in front of SL or SR masking)
  • 25’x9’ without SL/SR masking
A narrow position in which the performance area is in the centre of the width wall (this allows for entrances from either side and a cross over)
Narrow Performance area measurement range:
  • 14’x10’ with SL/SR masking (musician can be in front of SL or SR masking)
  • 22”x10” without SL/SR masking

Venue includes:

  • 2 x 6×4 work tables (can be removed)
  • Chairs for audience seating
  • Pipe and drape set up in your configuration
  • Basic LX set up (details below)
  • Basic Audio set up (details below)

Important Information:

  • Storage at the venue is limited. All of your scenery, props, and wardrobe will have to store in a 4′ x 4′ space. Scenery cannot be more than 8′ tall.
  • Cannot affix anything to walls, ceilings or floors


36 James Street, downtown St. Catharines, ON

Load-in Location:

James Street door entrance.
Note: No loading dock + no elevator.


80 sitting (Usual capacity: 80 standing, 60 sitting)

Parking and Access:

• On City property in downtown St. Catharines (curbside, parking structures, and City lots), parking is free weekdays after 6pm and all day/night on the weekend.
• The Green is located on the third floor of the Oddfellows building. There are three flights of stairs to access the space.

Interested in Booking The Green?

Fill out the form to request the Green or contact us at to find out more about our studio space and our affordable rental rates.

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