Arts Mentorship Program

The Suitcase in Point Arts Mentorship Program (AMP) is about training and mentorship. AMP provides new generation artists in Niagara opportunities to build personal and professional relationships, and strengthen discipline-based artistic practices.

AMP consists of The Nest Artist Residency, In the Scene Youth Theatre Intensive (formerly Electric Innovations), and a series of public and community-based arts workshops.

Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, the Arts Mentorship Program flourished in 2020/2021. Beginning in September with the second cohort of the Nest Residency, almost all of the programming happened virtually. Because of this we were able to develop relationships with artists across Canada that we might not have had the chance to in the ‘before times’.” During their residency, members of the Nest held space with such talented artists as Yolanda Bonnell, Celia Aloma, Janice Jo Lee, Tsholo Khalema, Samson Bonkeabantu Brown, Cameron Grant, and Ali Joy Richardson.” – Marcel Stewart, Outreach Director

In 2021, Suitcase in Point’s relationship with Brock University deepened, specifically within the Dramatic Arts Department and Human Rights & Equity with events like Deep-Rooted and Rise Up!

We also partnered with Toronto theatre company Studio 180 and the Niagara Region Anti-Racism Association to offer a series of workshops centred around Rachel Mutombo’s new play, 6×10, which explores the traumatic effects of the prison system on a pair of siblings.

And of course, while all this programming was happening in the forefront, our inaugural cohort of Electric Innovations was quickly coming together in the background. What an exciting program to cap off a year of innovative programming!

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Special thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for supporting the Arts Mentorship Program.