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Voix de ville

November 8, 2016
Deanna Jones
SUITCASE IN POINT is proud to be a part of the evolution of STRUTT Wearable Art Show! 3 SHOWS ONLY! 18-19 NOVEMBER! Get your tickets fast, here!
NIAGARA ARTISTS CENTRE presents VOIX DE VILLE – EXTRAVAGONZO In partnership with the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre Friday 18 November at 7PM Saturday 19 November at 7PM + 9:30PM The Voix de Ville Extravagonzo has evolved out of the Niagara Artists Centre’s popular STRUTT Wearable Art Show, a long-running Niagara favourite. Voix de Ville is a show based on the storied traditions of vaudeville. It is an unrivalled mixture of extraordinary performative feats presented in equally exuberant proportions. A cavalcade of talent has been invited to amaze and astonish audiences in novel ways. Ringmaster of Ceremonies Bruce McCulloch—¬everyone’s favourite Kid in the Hall—will orchestrate the riot of WTFery from centre stage. Canada’s representative at the 55th Venice Biennale, Shary Boyle will transform Partridge Hall with beguiling projections and an exhilarating set design. On stage, the action of dancers and acrobats dressed in one-of-a-kind wearable art creations from the bizarre to the sublime will be propelled by a reconstituted Shadowy Men on Shadowy Planet, often called the Best Canadian Instrumental Band of All Time. The show is directed by Suitcase in Point Theatre Company‘s Artistic Director Deanna Jones. “With STRUTT I think we discovered how fantastically weird Niagara could be, we’re primed to be working with the PAC to get everyone’s freak on in the great new digs downtown,” says Stephen Remus, NAC’s Minister of Energy, Minds, and Resources. Deanna Jones of Suitcase in Point Theatre Company, who is stage directing the show, “Voix de Ville will bring what was once STRUTT to a whole new level of spectacle and performance by drawing on the influences of old-style Canadian vaudeville.”

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