Upcoming Workshops

Suitcase in Point presents workshops through the Artist Mentorship Program (AMP) to build artistic skills in a variety of disciplines. Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and registration information!

If you are interested in booking a workshop for your classroom, your community, your staff or creative team, email us at info@suitcaseinpoint.com to chat about the possibilities!

Past Workshops


“My students found your visit very inspiring and valuable.  My Grade 11 class loved the clowning and many referred to it as a significant highlight of their drama experience this year.  Your expertise, easy manner and great energy created a perfect learning experience for all my students and I certainly plan to book more workshops in the future.” (Teacher)

“The kids were able to apply new skills immediately. That was extremely successful.” (Teacher)

“These workshops are often a highlight of our month and our participation is often discussed and the activities are often recreated. Several of our students through these workshops have developed an interest in theatre and a deeper connection to themselves and artistic self expression. This is such an important component of our program, and for our students who very rarely get to experience such an intimate encounter with theatre and creative self expression. (Teacher)

“You helped us have a lot of fun, helped us explore our own creativity, and then led us in developing ourselves as characters. You were a teacher, a great one at that, but unlike any other: the experience  wasn’t about you showing us how to act or write, it felt more like you were helping us find out how to do those things, in an atmosphere where everyone had fun.” (Student)