Evan’s passion for performing began at 8 yrs old when he started stage acting. Since then Evan has appeared in 8 theatrical plays including being cast in Gypsy at the Shaw Festival. Evan also won first place in his age category in the 2020 TD Jazz for the Ages Vocals Contest, and 2021, in the older age group, 13 to 17, was a runner up. Covid sadly, but only temporarily, put a hold on his stage performances, but since then he has been in two movies (one still in production), and for his first ever movie role, he received a Nova Star Award in 2022, for Best Principal Role in a Feature Film. During Covid Evan embraced playing the guitar and continued to focus on his singing, working with two brilliant voice coaches, Tenja Hagenberg and Elaine Overholt, even as his teenage voice was going through some serious changes. Evan is currently attending grade 9 at Laura Secord Secondary School enrolled in the DNA Arts Program. He is very involved in live performances, including stage acting, drum line, percussion, concert choir, jazz choir and the chess club, while maintaining an A average for all of his academic studies.

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