Howdy, my name is Cameron, my friends call me Cam. I’ve been interested in the arts for a few years now. I started with an interest in drawing, then moved into a drama class. Once there I discovered that a drama class and the theatre allowed me to express myself completely. A drama class allows people the freedom to be who they are without judgement from others. Before I joined a drama class I felt like a bit of an outsider, but once there I found myself coming out of my shell, making new friends, and finding new connections. I enjoy long walks on the beach and dinner dates (just kidding). I enjoy riding my bike, hikes,

swimming and being around people. I’m an introvert, so I’m sometimes mistaken for not liking to be in social settings, but once I’m comfortable with someone/ groups of people I start to open up to them. I enjoy acting/performing on stage, but also enjoy behind the scenes with set building, lighting and sound.

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