Alaster Nikolic

I am Alaster. I’m fifteen years old, transmasculine, and weirdly obsessed with giraffes. I like to draw, write, and play guitar. I film videos with my friends and siblings about various topics, such as cowboys with plungers, evil dogs born from interstellar bobby pins, and even apples who avenge their dead wives. I love acting and avidly sign up for the school play every time they announce it. I like playing with my judgemental cat, my paranoid cat, and my insane dog. I watch musical bootlegs on YouTube, and hunt down horror movies as my friend has an ever-growing list of horror movies that I should watch. I spend my days listening to music and agonizing over drawing hands, ears, and the second eye. I somehow manage to memorize hundreds of song lyrics and learn scripts in a matter of days, yet can’t remember my school timetable half the time.

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