Alaster Nikolic

I’m Alaster. I like art, theatre, reading and writing. I wrote my school play called “How Can I Help You?” About kids’ mental health that won four total awards at NTS Dramafest 2024. I like obsessing about things and overanalyzing stuff. I make short movies with my friends that are critically acclaimed by my family. I’ve also made short stories based on weird dreams and inside jokes that feature my family, friends, and even my French teacher once. I like listening to music (especially The Front Bottoms) and trying to finish my book. My favourite movies include Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Heathers, Sweeney Todd, and Scott Pilgrim VS The World. I am cursed with the ability to recite 95% of The Simpsons Movie script. I like horror stuff. Theatre is super cool and I enjoy doing it. That’s about it.

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