The Nest Artist Residency is a structured 6-month program that seeks to deepen the relationship between local new generation artists and the broader artistic community.

The goal of this residency is rooted in process, with a focus on risk taking, mistake-making, embracing failure as a step toward greatness, and exploring new ways of artistic expression that starts by asking ‘what do you need?’. This is an opportunity for directors, dramaturgs, playwrights, poets, production technicians, designers, divisors, and creators of all kinds looking for the necessary space and mentorship to cultivate ideas into works that are provocative, innovative, and ambitious.

Residency in The Nest involves a public presentation, performance, workshop, or similar event that showcases the work-in-progress. While individuals are encouraged to apply, we also welcome duos and collaborators to apply as a group.

Meet the 2021/2022 Nest Residents

Artists-in-Nest receive:

  • FREE use of The Green Studio space for a duration of two weeks to engage in a self-directed creation process of their choosing.
  • Professional development opportunities through one-to-one mentorship, attendance at Forum discussions and Writer’s Block sessions,
  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals and other artists in the Nest
  • Technical expertise and producing support from SIP in service of an artistic project
  • Tickets to see theatrical shows (virtual and hopefully in-person) in St Catharines/Niagara
  • Opportunity to share your work at In the Soil Arts Festival, presented by Suitcase in Point.


Taking place over six months, The Nest Artist Residency begins with an in-person gathering at the Green Studio. What follows will be a five-week devising period, facilitated by Nest artist alums from previous cohorts, working toward the development of a piece for Rhizomes 2022. The Residency then moves into a period of one-on-one mentorship and artistic development, pairing each artist with a mentor of their choice to help in the development of their pieces.

Showings will happen at the 2022 In the Soil Arts Festival, giving artists the opportunity to share their work and test ideas. This can be in the form of scenes, readings, music, installations, questions, games, conversations, a virtual party – nothing is off limits. The journey to the piece is rarely a straight line and Suitcase in Point wholeheartedly supports experimentation along the way. Sprinkled throughout the six months will be a series of artist-led workshops and Forum discussions.

With the Nest I shared my idea with others, which helped it grow and turned it from something bobbing around in the back of my head into something real. I learned that for work to get done I need to work on it … the Nest was also really helpful in putting my theatre degree in context. I learned so many skills at school but using them seemed so far off, the Nest made sense of how I could use those things now. That was exciting. This program was really special to me.

Josh LoewenThe Nest Alumnus

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