The Nest Residency

Launched in 2019, The Nest Residency offers new generation theatre artists in the Niagara Region a creative home for 12 months to gain exposure, training, and hands on experience. Artists are mentored and supported to build and develop new work, learning how to hone their creative process, the power of collaboration and what it takes to develop work within the Niagara market.

With the Nest Residency, SIP seeks to deepen the artistic relationship between local emerging artists and the collective artistic community. The goal of this program is rooted in process, with a focus on risk taking, and exploring new ways of artistic expression in a safe, supported and transformative environment. This is an opportunity for directors, dramaturgs, playwrights, production technicians, divisors, and creators looking for a space to cultivate ideas. While individuals are welcome to apply, we encourage collectives, companies and collaborators to apply as a group. Residency in The Nest includes the opportunity to showcase work developed as part of the In the Soil Arts Festival.

Previous Nest Residency Members: Alex Sykes, Josh Loewen, Colin Williams, Kristina Ojaperv, Kaylyn Valdez-Scott, Meryl Ochoa, Samantha Rideout

Selected artists will receive:

  • Professional development opportunities through one to one mentorship, dialogue, attendance at Forum discussion, network opportunities with industry professionals;
  • Artistic support: Dramaturgy, in-house readings, use of The Green Studio space, facilities and technical equipment;
  • The full support of SIP in service of an artistic project;
  • Opportunities to see/attend performances and art events in St. Catharines/Niagara and online throughout the year;
  • Administrative support: Access to office space, printing, and public funding opportunities for artistic work;
  • Opportunity to present your work at In the Soil Arts Festival.

Note: Access to studio, office space, and public gathering pending restrictions resulting from COVID-19.


  • Applicants must reside in the Niagara Region.
  • 21 years of age or older
  • The Artist residents commit to spending the 12-month residency period by actively participating in the Suitcase in Point Theatre community.
  • Students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs for theatre are eligible to apply pending their course load and extracurricular responsibilities
  • The residency period begins August 2nd, 2020 and ends August 2nd, 2021. In the Soil will take place during the months of September 2020 – March 2021 (pending updates from Health Canada regarding the COVID pandemic). All residency requirements must be met during that time.
  • Artist residents will have the opportunity to serve on the Selection Committee for the following Nest Artist Residency
  • Attendance at all Forum discussions


Applications are screened for eligibility by Suitcase in Point and evaluated by a selection committee. Selection is based on artistic potential, commitment and originality. The selection process is guided by the SIP mission statement:

Using the subject line NEST ARTISTIC RESIDENCY, send an email to as a single PDF document. Name the application packet file with your last name followed by nester [Examples: application packet sent by Jane Dickson = Dicksonnester.pdf] Your packet should contain the following elements, arranged in this sequence:

  1. AN APPLICATION COVER LETTER (max 1000 words) tell us about yourself. Who are you? Talk about your background. What drives your creative decisions? And what is your experience with mounting theatrical productions? Please include the following information: NAME , COMPLETE MAILING ADDRESS, HOME PHONE,  OTHER PHONE (if applicable), EMAIL ADDRESS, VIRTUAL LINKS (website, twitter, facebook, blog, instagram, etc)
    – What drives you creatively to keep going ? [250 word max]
    – What conversations are missing from your vantage point in theatre? [250 word max]
    – Why do you want to work with Suitcase in Point (SIP)? [250 word max]
    – How does ritual work within your process as an artist? [250 word max]
    – Define “collaboration.” [250 word max]
    – Define “success.” [250 word max]
    – Define “community.” [250 word max]
    – What do you believe will be the most significant obstacle you will overcome as a resident? [250 word max]
  3. A RESUME [listing all artistic projects, related experience, productions, awards, educations, commissions, etc.]
  4. ARTISTIC PROPOSAL: Submit a proposal outlining a project that you plan to develop during your residency. What do you want to explore, experiment with, learn, develop? [1000 word max]
  5. WORK SAMPLE: [OPTIONAL] Please provide any videos, reviews, articles or pictures of events, productions and/or programs you have directed.

Email your application packet to by July 10, 2020 at 11:59 pm. Late applications will not be accepted.

Receipt of application materials will be confirmed via email.

Nest Residencies for 2019/2020