Tsipporah Shendroff

Hi! My name is Tsipporah, and I’m a person who feels a lot of emotions. Like, so many emotions. Probably too many emotions. 

I’m an artist, a writer, a performer, and a storyteller. I try to create work that engages audiences by making them feel something — literally anything. Joy, anger, sadness, a profound sense of wonder — whatever it is, if my work makes something inside you stir or spark or speak out, I know I’ve done my job. I have been incredibly fortunate throughout my life to consume a wide variety of art and media, and what connects my favourites from the ones I regret spending money on are the intensity of what I felt while witnessing them: the stuff that left my heart racing, or my eyes wide, or my sides in stitches from laughing so hard, or forced me to discreetly wipe away tears in the back row. It doesn’t matter if I enjoyed the show or not, if I remember what happened on the stage or screen or not, because I remember what I felt in that moment. The way my heart raced. The way I laughed, frowned, cried. The way my mind went “wow”. What I was witnessing may have not been real — it may have not even been realistic in style or theme — but what I felt was. It was raw. It was human. And that’s important. At least to me.   


2020/2021 Nest Residents