The Keith Richards One Woman Show

Inspired by his legendary image and outrageous endurance, The Keith Richards One Woman Show is a swishy-swashy Jack Daniels toast to getting by just as you are.

Show History

Deanna Jones and Cole Lewis first devised The Keith Richards One Woman Show in 2011. In August 2011 we ripped through the Niagara Region (like a band) testing the show out on a 5-day bar tour. The next incarnation of the show toured to bars throughout Southern Ontario, finishing with a roaring standing ovation from a sold-out crowd at El Mocambo in Toronto. A run in Toronto in January 2014 brought in a Dora nomination for Best Touring Production. In 2015, The Keith Richards One Woman was featured on CBC’s radio program Q and the show toured to Western Canada, with a sold-out run at Calgary’s high performance Rodeo. As they say, a rolling stone gathers no moss.


The Team

Created by Deanna Jones & Cole Lewis

Director – Lisa Marie DiLiberto

Performer – Deanna Jones

Live Musician – Kevin Richardson

Lighting Design – Andre du Toit