Sleepy Jean (Katey Gatta)

It’s the sound of a song you half remember. A voice from some faraway radio. A glimpse of a now scratched record. You pause, reaching into that dark recess of memory for a brighter recollection, and return with nothing but the gnawing sensation that there’s something you’ve forgotten. No satisfaction nor satiation can be found: Sleepy Jean’s sonic daydreams are uniquely her own.

Borne from the bones of forgotten nostalgia, Sleepy Jean spent the better part of a decade frequenting tourist traps and hole-in-the-walls, sneakily sliding in her self-penned songs amongst those of her contemporaries. Her wistful, smoky voice is a time capsule of influences, but is best known for that quality that evokes salty tears and bloody bar fights alike. Her first recorded offering, Idle Hands, made its way into the world midsummer 2021 and was described as “… a bygone meets modern flair of New Americana for Dreamers” (Glide Magazine).