Samantha Marchionda

I am a singer and a speaker, a writer, and a creator. I bring people engaging, thought-provoking, truthful experiences using my voice and my body. The combination of my songs, ranging in genres from acoustic, to folk, to rock and more, and my genuine words convey a sense of humanness to those around me. My stories are told to music, which is as necessary to my work as the heart is to the body. I breathe compassion, authenticity, acknowledgment, truth, and insight into everything I do. I am an uncertified advice-giver and an information sharer, using my stories to help people be truthful with themselves and to support them along their journey. Self-awareness, self-improvement, and greater insight are at the core of what I do. My stories are founded on true events and experiences with a focus on mental health, that connect people to each other and give them a sense of belonging. I use my art to transform challenges into opportunities for those around me and for myself.

I live with the belief that love is love, and love is beautiful. I live to challenge thoughts, actions, and behaviours developed as a result of the flawed systems in which I was raised in an attempt to break down barriers and acknowledge my privilege. I live to acknowledge that I would not be here without the immense struggle of others and I practice gratitude and thanks to our ancestors who have allowed me the opportunity to be here now. I strive to never stop learning, never stop growing, and always remain humble. At my core, deep in my heart and soul is my art, and when I share that with others, I am home.

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