Samantha Marchionda

Artist Statement: I am a singer and a speaker, a writer, and a creator. I bring people engaging, thought-provoking, truthful experiences using my voice and my body. The combination of my songs, ranging in genres from acoustic, to folk, to rock and more, and my genuine words convey a sense of humanness to those around me. My stories are told to music, which is as necessary to my work as the heart is to the body. I breathe compassion, authenticity, acknowledgment, truth, and insight into everything I do. I am an uncertified advice-giver and an information sharer, using my stories to help people be truthful with themselves and to support them along their journey. Self-awareness, self-improvement, and greater insight are at the core of what I do. My stories are founded on true events and experiences with a focus on mental health, that connect people to each other and give them a sense of belonging. I use my art to transform challenges into opportunities for those around me and for myself.

I live with the belief that love is love, and love is beautiful. I live to challenge thoughts, actions, and behaviours developed as a result of the flawed systems in which I was raised in an attempt to break down barriers and acknowledge my privilege. I live to acknowledge that I would not be here without the immense struggle of others and I practice gratitude and thanks to our ancestors who have allowed me the opportunity to be here now. I strive to never stop learning, never stop growing, and always remain humble. At my core, deep in my heart and soul is my art, and when I share that with others, I am home.

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Wednesday 23 June at 7pm

Helping people, in my core and in my heart, is what fuels me the most. When I began this residency I wasn’t sure how I would tell my story or where to start.

I decided to go back to the beginning. I revisited some of the darkest, most difficult times I have faced. I grieved, I cried, I celebrated, I remembered, but most of all, I made some incredible discoveries that I cannot wait to share with you.

This piece was written to help others and along the way, I not only realized how much healing I had to do, but how much this helped me too. And this is just the beginning.

In a laid-back conversational setting, I’ll do a reading of my piece and for the first time, share and sing my original songs with you. See you (virtually) at the show!

Special Thanks: I would like to tremendously thank the original caretakers of this land: the Haudenosaunee, the Anishnaabe, the Neutral peoples, and the Wendat peoples. Their care for this land helped to foster my journey  in unexpected ways, and I am eternally grateful to them and all other nations, recorded and unrecorded, who have since time immemorial cared for this land.

I would like to thank Suitcase in Point for this opportunity, as well as my mentors Stephanie Jones and Joe Lapinski for their ears, their time, and their support.

I would like to give the members of the NEST residency a special shout out as well. Your love and acceptance has meant the world to me. I believe fiercely in each of you and I know that you will go on to create incredible things. It has been an honour to share this space with you every week, and I’ll miss you, you beautiful wonderful humans!

I would like to thank you, the audience. You are why I do what I do. Thank you for holding space for me, my stories, and my songs. I appreciate your presence while I, gulp, share some of these experiences for the first time out loud!

Warnings: Ages 18+, coarse language, subject matter that may be sensitive to some audience members (mental health, suicide, addiction, violence).

Showtime: Thursday 23 June at 7pm

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2020/2021 Nest Residents