Rose Hopkins

Artist Statement: I am a theatre artist and producer.

I create theatrical experiences to express my most authentic self and to connect more deeply with my community. I invite those who engage with these experiences to do the same.

My work and I are always in progress, focusing on process over product. I value authenticity, risk-taking, playfulness, and a sense of whimsy. My work investigates what it means to be human, often exploring the connection that space and place have to the human experience.

Hamilton Is Home. I recognize the value of regional voices, stories, and people. I believe that people in all communities are deserving of creative experiences, regardless of their city’s population. I am working to decolonize myself, my work, and my practices, while rejecting traditional power structures and models that do harm. I hope that by doing that, I can create spaces that make others feel safe and affirm each person’s unique expression of their humanity.

Party For One by Rose Hopkins

Saturday 26 June at 7pm

You are cordially invited to PARTY FOR ONE!

It’s a party.

For one! Are you exhausted by endless holiday Zoom calls?

Exasperated by the drive-by birthdays?

Never fear, PARTY FOR ONE is here.

Our state-of-the-art celebration technology guarantees you’ll never have to celebrate with other people again. Fit in years worth of celebration completely alone – yes, that’s right, 100% by yourself. And with the pandemic lasting another hundred years, we’ll never be able to leave our homes again, making

PARTY FOR ONE essential for every household.

PARTY FOR ONE! It’s a party.

For one!

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve become more aware than ever of how important celebrating holidays, birthdays, accomplishments, and occasions are to humanity. Without being able to gather with our loved ones, celebrating this year has been much different – sometimes for the better and sometimes not. I wanted to explore what it means to celebrate during this time in one of the ways that I celebrate myself… by creating!

I used a process called ‘user-centered design framework’ to create PARTY FOR ONE, a process often used to develop spaces, software, and of course, art, that focuses on crafting meaningful experiences for users – or in my case, audience. Because of the restrictions around gathering, I have had to push myself outside of my regular theatre-making practice and have been so grateful to have Adrienne Wong, an accomplished user-centered design theatre maker, to help guide me through this process. I hope the result is an engaged, meaningful, provoking and thoughtful experience for audiences that reminds them of the value of celebration and connection in uncertain times.

Special thanks to Adrienne Wong, my mentor on this piece.

Showtime: Saturday 26 June at 7pm

PLEASE NOTE: This Party for One is only available for residents in Hamilton and Niagara Regions. A package will be delivered to your home as part of this experience.

Register for your ticket here!

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