Rose Hopkins

I am a theatre artist and producer.

I create theatrical experiences to express my most authentic self and to connect more deeply with my community. I invite those who engage with these experiences to do the same.

My work and I are always in progress, focusing on process over product. I value authenticity, risk-taking, playfulness, and a sense of whimsy. My work investigates what it means to be human, often exploring the connection that space and place have to the human experience.

Hamilton Is Home. I recognize the value of regional voices, stories, and people. I believe that people in all communities are deserving of creative experiences, regardless of their city’s population. I am working to decolonize myself, my work, and my practices, and using my privilege to break down oppressive frameworks and work towards a more inclusive and equitable theatre ecology.

I work collaboratively and embrace the sharing of ideas while rejecting traditional power structures and models that do harm. I am working to decolonize myself, my work, and my practices, weaponize my privilege, and reject oppressive frameworks. I hope that by doing that, I can create spaces that make others feel safe and affirm each person’s unique expression of their humanity.

2020/2021 Nest Residents