Ren Reid

Artist Statement

I am an emerging queer comedian, performer, playwright, and director. Abject is my lifestyle and follows through to my art, forcing audiences to sit in the uncomfortable unknown as I explore my body and the human condition. Using a variety of different mediums; slam poetry, music, stand up, movement and sketch, connecting each one with my body. I value the beauty and therapy comedy provides during hardships while maintaining the vulnerability and truths behind the sadness. I don’t pull any punches, leaving the world to face my raw honesty with every breath I expel. When I am onstage there is nothing standing in the way, I aim to make every moment count and make sure that the audience feels as if they are onstage with me. I acknowledge the systems that I have and continue to benefit from through my life that oppress other voices. I am actively unlearning the biased histories and dismantling these systems that operate in my art/work/life in order to share and hold space for those who have been denied the chance. The world is our stage and therefore every story deserves to be heard.

Your Honor, I Abject! by Ren Reid

Friday 25 June at 9pm

I am diving straight into the deep end and having a full go of my work. I will be showing my most updated version of the show. In my dream world, I started off with it as a live cabaret performance with heavy audience interaction. As we got further into the pandemic it has evolved into a pre-recorded one person comedy burlesque special. The entire piece follows a parodied version of my life through the five stages of grief as I go on a journey of self discovery. I use a variety of different mediums such as slam poetry, sketch comedy, music, and etc to convey my story. I mainly want people to have a good time and share some laughs but also realize that they aren’t alone in this world. I know that my show is not for everyone, but if I can influence a few individuals then I take that as a win in my books!

Special thanks to My mentor Lisa Brooke. Thank you Josh Loewen, Kaylyn Valdez Scott, Shannon Fletcher and Tsipporah Shendroff for being amazing actors! Jackson Wagner for helping with editing and my poster. The entire Suitcase in Point team for making my work a reality and a special shoutout to Marcel Stewart for encouraging me to make this play in the first place.

Warnings: 18+ warning. Sexual themes, course language, substance use, mental health and mentions of suicide.

Showtime: Friday 25 June at 9pm

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