Pond Side Comedy Group

Be My Buddy

Pond Side Comedy Group is participating in the Nest Residency because we love to create and share. In particular we love creating comedy and getting to see people laugh and enjoy themselves. Combined with Alex and Josh’s realization that our friendship has been messy at best resulted in wanting to create a show to share some of that experience, and ideally, create some laughter. Why the Nest Residency though? Suitcase in Point has been a part of making art and specifically comedy in the area much longer than we have, and getting to work with them is amazing every time.

A sketch comedy show that focuses on male relationships. Throughout the show Josh and Alex explore their own relationship while light heartedly looking into male relationships in other contexts. The show will have moments for sketches, heart to hearts, and songs, but will always be full of laughs. The project is about sharing Alex and Josh’s struggles and triumphs all while having a good bit of fun.

Members involved include Josh Loewen, Alex Sykes, and Sam Rideout pictured. Matt Beard unpictured.