Nyasha Nherera

My name is Nyasha and I write poems. 

My work is mine but it is not my own. It is for you and it is for me. It is for everyone who has the ability to feel. It’s my way to escape into a world of endless possibilities. Where I can be myself and people can feel comfortable because they can relate. I create art that expresses my burning desires. I am brutally honest and I choose to say what other people are thinking but are not courageous enough to. I speak up for those who don’t have a voice and stand up for people who have been stifled by society. I have known that I was different for a very long time and the same way I Accept and Embrace these beautiful feelings is the exact same way I want other people to feel when they come across My imperfect Masterpiece. If I have reached out to touch your soul, and you do not shed a few good ones because I didn’t ignite a flame in you, then I have not accomplished my mission as a creative. 

As I write, every word becomes an epitaph for the old you and I. As we are reborn into greatness, let us unapologetically be open to making mistakes and learning from them.