Nathan Rossi

A.     Actor, Blooming Playwright. Being a part of someone’s life. Changing lives in any way. Pebbles moved on a mountain.

B/C Empathy. [Sonder] ->central. Vulnerability. Dig under the layers of skin. Knowing “___”, the person. Lighting the first light bulb for someone. Casting the fishing line.

D.      Putting something on the table for people to take whatever they want.
Providing the canvas to be painted on. Facilitating change

Hello my name is Nathan Rossi! I am a blooming playwright and actor! My goal in the creative world is to create spaces for people to feel comfortable to be vulnerable. My work strives to find itself in empathy. My work is based in the concept of Sonder, which is a word (that I hope to one day be the catalyst for its official inclusion in the dictionary) that describes the profound realization that every person one meets or passes on the street or may never interact with in their entire life has a life just as complex as my own. They have their own goals, fears, regrets, ambitions, memories and so much more. This realization is where, I believe, empathy is at its strongest. I strive to connect people far passed their barriers that these systems of the world has forced us to uphold. I want to deconstruct what it means to be human so that we can find ourselves understanding each other on a deeper level on what it means to be a fleshy vessel in this crazy world. I will not be the change in the world, but I want to facilitate it. I want to provide people with the blank canvas that they can paint whatever picture of their lives on. I want to move people towards empathy. I want to be a pebble that is moved in each person’s mountain towards becoming a more fulfilling person on every level of what it means to be human.