Lost and Found Community Mixtape Suitcase in Point


Lost & Found is part mixtape, part time capsule and part community conversation developed by folks living in and around the Niagara Region and woven together by Suitcase in Point artists, Deanna Jones, Michelle Mohammed, Marcel Stewart and Kaylyn Valdez-Scott.

A concept album at its core, Lost & Found follows Sodienye Waboso Amajor as she responds, in real time, to recordings on a mysterious cassette tape that she stumbles across one day. 

From being lost in love and floating in space, to finding yourself and what it means to be home, listen to layers of tape in an intimate discovery that explores what it means to be lost and what it means to be found.

We are in an important moment in time where individual and collective healing is paramount. Lost & Found: A Community Mixtape connects us through the imaginations and voices of 15 contributing artists, stitched together to offer an exploratory narrative that offers stories, poems, anecdotes, spoken word pieces, original songs and everything in between. 

Produced by Suitcase in Point Multi-Arts Company

Creative Director: Marcel Stewart

Contributing Editors: Deanna Jones, Michelle Mohammed, Kaylyn Valdez-Scott

Sound Engineer: Andrew Johnson

Cover Art: Adeola Bakenne & Chance Mutuku

Featuring (in order of appearance):

Sodienye Waboso Amajor (featured throughout), JFM, Deanna Jones, Michelle Mohammed, Alex Ring, Rebekka Gondosch, Lydia Collins, M. Mark Clifford, Kristina Ojaperv, Tammy McCleod Casey, Kaylyn Valdez Scott, Sleepy Jean (Katey Gatta), Joanne Ring, Sammy Jackson, Aria Sharma, Eve Atoms, Derrick M. Nault, Phil Davis, Marcel Stewart. 

Warning: Parental Advisory: Explicit language. 

This project was funded, in part by Niagara Community Foundation and Niagara Region’s, Niagara Investment in Culture program. Thank you!

While Lost & Found Mixtape is FREE to listen to, we encourage you to make a donation to Suitcase in Point in celebration of our 20th Anniversary. Help us reach our goal of raising 20K for 20 years! Any amount you can offer makes a difference and we sincerely appreciate your support toward the continuation of creating original productions like Lost & Found: A Community Mixtape.

Meet the Contributing Artists