Kaylyn Valdez-Scott

My name is Kaylyn.
My story is a translation of several journey’s, across several different oceans.
I am my mother’s songs and her mother’s hard work.
I am a storyteller for the ones before me that did not have the option to share.
My work is both a mouthpiece for conversation and an ear to listen to yours.
My work demands that you think about your ancestry and that you respect mine.
My art is a love letter to the traditions that have been passed on, and the new to the new ones
that will be sung and danced to.
I want to mentor and be mentored. I want to challenge my audience and ask them for their
guidance. I am passionate about bringing physical movement, song, and script together to
become questions that are reflected upon.
My work is a visual poem to the world I see. I want to smile with a room full of people who come
from different backgrounds, but want to share the same breath.
My name is Kaylyn.

2020/2021 Nest Residents