Kaylyn Valdez-Scott

Artist Statement

My name is Kaylyn.
My story is a translation of several journey’s, across several different oceans.
I am my mother’s songs and her mother’s hard work.
I am a storyteller for the ones before me that did not have the option to share.
My work is both a mouthpiece for conversation and an ear to listen to yours.
My work demands that you think about your ancestry and that you respect mine.
My art is a love letter to the traditions that have been passed on, and the new to the new ones
that will be sung and danced to.
I want to mentor and be mentored. I want to challenge my audience and ask them for their
guidance. I am passionate about bringing physical movement, song, and script together to
become questions that are reflected upon.
My work is a visual poem to the world I see. I want to smile with a room full of people who come
from different backgrounds, but want to share the same breath.
My name is Kaylyn.

Be my Body by Kaylyn Valdez-Scott

Saturday 26 June at 9pm

An adaptation of the 1934 classic Yerma, by Federico Garcia Lorca, Be My Body explores the role of femininity and women’s worth in society through the eyes of different generations in Filipino culture. Faye is a young newlywed waiting for the world to give her all that was promised when she got married, a family to call home. However, instead of a child, rumours, bad omens, and an unfamiliar call in the night come to her instead. In a world where the moon provides solace to its closest friends, and your mind turns out to be the most unsafe place, how far will she go to find answers? Be My Body is currently still in process. This showing today is only a portion of the show.

Kaylyn would very much appreciate feedback and encourages people to email her at kaylyn.valdezscott@gmail.com

Artist Bios

Kaylyn Valdez-Scott (Playwright, Actor): Kaylyn Valdez-Scott is a half Filipina, half Scottish artist from Toronto, Ontario. Since graduating from Brock University’s Dramatic Arts program in 2018, Kaylyn has performed with a number of theatre companies including Carousel Players, Essential Collective Theatre, and Tottering Biped Theatre. Kaylyn is the Artistic Director and co-founder of Tethered The Ghost, a collective that explores and celebrates the Filipinx-Canadian diaspora. Their original work has been supported by the Ontario Arts Council to continue production. Kaylyn’s work is rooted in her passion for devised physical creation, through song and movement. Kaylyn is currently working with Suitcase In Point as their Youth Engagement Coordinator, and is adapting the play Yerma by Federico Garcia Lorca, which debuts in June 2021. Select credits include: Sister Warriors (Workshop, Suitcase in Point/Affair of Honor), Healing Thread (Tethered The Ghost), The Team (Essential Collective Theatre/Theatre Aquarius), Macbeth (Tottering Biped Theatre), September Songs (Twitches & Itches Theatre).

Roselyn Kelada-Sedra (Mentor, Talkback Facilitator): Roselyn Kelada-Sedra is a creator/actor currently developing work as Playwright-in-Residence with SiP. She creates bold women with intense inner worlds. Roselyn creates with a drive to empower women. Roselyn has been making work, acting and writing professionally for over 10 years, since starting her career with b current theatre company, Equity Showcase Theatre & RADA. She just completed her first documentary film as a director/writer, Women of Resilience. To learn about its release and her next artistic ventures: hit roselyn.link/news or visit roselyn.ca”

Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks (Mentor): Cynthia (she/her) is a Filipino-Canadian theatre artist from Amiskwaciwâskahikan (Edmonton). Cynthia has dedicated much of her career to developing new Canadian Theatre with companies such as fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre, Studio 180, Bad Hats, Shakespeare in the Ruff, Nightwood, and Factory. A graduate of NTS, her performing highlights include: The Candidate, The Party, A Christmas Carol (Citadel), This London Life (Grand), Girls Like That (Tarragon), Boys Girls and Other Mythological Creatures (Carousel Players), Barbelle Series (KindaTV), Hudson & Rex (CityTV). Cynthia often works as an educator and facilitator, recently Cynthia choreographed a pandemic version of Into the Woods at MacEwan University. And she is currently facilitating the Paprika Festival’s TD Creators’ Unit program. Tune to A is Cynthia’s new play co-created with Carly Neis and Cameron Kneteman. Tune to A aims to shine a spotlight on allyship and disability representation in the entertainment industry. www.cynthiajimenezhicks.com

Meryl Ochoa (Music): Meryl Ochoa is a Filipina theatre artist/musician who immigrated to ON, Canada with her family in 2012. She studied Dramatic Arts at Brock University and has worked with St. Catharines-based companies Stolen Theatre Collective, Twitches & Itches, and Suitcase in Point, and most recently with BC-based company Affair of Honor. In 2019, she co-founded Tethered The Ghost with Kaylyn Valdez-Scott, and they are currently developing new originals under their multidisciplinary theatre collective. Meryl is devoted to developing work that tells untold truths and empowers those that are under-represented.

Special thanks to Roselyn and Cynthia, who have been incredible pillars of guidance throughout this process as my mentors. Thank you for your time and dedication to helping communicate and share this story. Thank you to Meryl Ochoa for lending your incredible talents as a songwriter, and bringing my ideas to life through beautiful music. Thank you to the Suitcase in Point staff for providing this space and opportunity, you have also been incredible mentors. Thank you to Cory Maddalena and Jonathan Nguyen. Lastly, thank you to the Valdez clan. This is dedicated to you.

Headphones are strongly recommended, however not necessary if inaccessible. Kaylyn encourages viewers to visit and, if possible, donate to: https://www.butterflysw.org

Showtime: Saturday 26 June at 9pm

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