Josh Loewen

Artist Statement

It would be lovely to laugh a little.
Lovely to cry a little too.

It would be great to make space to think and explore, to try something we haven’t before.
To learn and play, to find our way.

The world is a bit of a scary place. A broken place. A sad place.
But it’s a beautiful place. A loving place. A happy place.
A place full of people who amaze me. People full of magic.

I create to try to make a little sense of that.
For everyone, but also for me.

Sunny Days Ahead by Josh Loewen

Thursday 24 June at 9pm

Sunny Days Ahead is an optimistic 12th grader’s take on the future. The two times in my life the future has been the scariest we’re the end of high school, and this pandemic. So I guess it suits the times. It’s about finding joy, about finding peace, and it seems to be about trees. Being where you’re at. It’s exploring a lot of different ways of story telling in video, because well, who knows what the future has for us. In the sense of being where we’re at, we’re not done. This will be our first full cut, but we’re still hoping to smooth things a bit. Alex is a great video editor, but there’s only so much that can be done in a day. Or so he says.

Josh Loewen (Walt) It’d be lovely to laugh a little. Lovely to cry a little too. Learn a little. Love a little. I think that would be nice anyway. I get to share this world with so many magical people. I’m glad you’re one of them.

Alex Sykes (Pete) I’m just here for the snacks. There are snacks right?

Special thanks to Ron Pederson, Shawn Ahmed, Alex Sykes, Shannon Fletcher, Ren Ried, Marcel Stewart, Deanna Jones, Holly Keus, and Mike Naundorf

Warnings: Coarse Language.

Showtime: Thursday 24 June at 9pm

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