JFM officially began in 2010 with the purchase of a cheap portable sampler from a flat mate. After a year or so of playing live around Toronto, an East Coast tour, and a 3″ CD – Divorce Records released a vinyl LP in 2013. The next few years a variety of different labels across the globe released JFM material; a couple cassettes, compact disc, 7″ single, music video for Toyota Scion sessions, a 90 page cookbook, as well as contributing to other compilations both physical and digital. JFM reached an inevitable end, when the aforementioned sampler was sold prior to relocating to Thailand in 2020 and ‘Log Driver Error’ was one of the final tracks recorded using the sampler. Made from simple recording, manipulated live, of the Grape & Wine Parade as it passed by the window of my old apartment above the Niagara Artist Company. JFM is dead! Long live JFM! King of Why.  

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