Common Secret

Common Secret is a part of this residency in order to bring a piece to life under the supervision of theatre professionals, giving young artists a chance to speak in a populated field.

This piece follows five young performers as they explore the nature of control in their lives. Together they take a deep dive into the positive and negative aspects of control, and how their relationship with control is changing as they enter adulthood. Together they discover how much of an impact they can have with their expanded level of control in their lives, while struggling with all the conflicts that arise with this power. This comedic and honest piece will allow audiences to peer into the minds of young people today, while leaving them with questions about their own lives as well.

Members that are involved are Isaac Brown,  Meryl Ochoa, Tristan Holmes, Diego Blanco Galindo, and Kaylyn Valdez Scott pictured. Colin Williams, Kristina Ojaperv, and Mae Smith unpictured.