Clownlife Intensive

March 21-22, 2020

Clowning for Life and Theatre with Zuma Puma 

March 21st & 22nd 2020
Fee: $150 (early bird price ends on March 1)
$175 (regular price after March 1)

The Clownlife intensive with Zuma Puma is coming to Suitcase and Point from London, UK this March 21st & 22nd 2020. Join us in a weekend course focusing on the key principles of Clown from a broad range of pedagogies that stem from North to South America and across Europe.

Suitable for all performing artists and public speakers. Our focus for the weekend will be in; Self research, connection, presence, humanity, self-expression, play, authenticity, honesty, risk taking, intuition, listening, sensitivity to the audience, flow and freedom on stage, authentic humour and much more.

Whether you are curious about clown, looking to expand your performance repertoire, for more ways to come out of your shell, build confidence with an audience or are keen to work with the study of who you are- growing that bigger and characterizing it into clown- this workshop is for you. We will be exploring the notion that every person has a unique clown, in playing with the truth of who we are, the real dynamics that unfold is enough to be funny.

We will work closely with sensitivity to an audience, to listening to the space and finding the freedom to play with the flop (when something doesn’t work). Integrating Neuro Linguistic Programming into the work, we will be re-programming our societal limitations and patterns that hold us back from being all that we can be on and off the stage. We will be exploring presence, expression, stupidity, following the conflict to see the humour in it, Characters, the body, the voice and more.

Zuma Puma (aka. Nelly Scott) is a Canadian Clown who has been living in London, UK for the past 8 years teaching Clown full time in London and Internationally. She is the founder of Clownlife, offering Intensive courses, workshops, retreats and residencies that merge the work of Clown and personal development with a focus on how the studies of Clown can positively influence one’s life and artistic practice exponentially. She is also the founder of the International Lost Cabaret (circa 2012) which has since grown into a collective with regular shows in London, Melbourne, Sydney, Paris and coming soon to Las Vegas.

Zuma graduated L’Ecole Philippe Gaulier (Paris) in 2009, she has also trained with Sue Morrison- Pochinko Clown through Mask (Toronto) and Francine Cote of Cirque du Soleil (Montreal). She’s completed 4 years of training with over 25 Leading European Clown teachers at London’s Advanced Clown School (A school she co-founded which ran from 2012-2016 with fellow Gaulier students in the UK) and sees pedagogy as an art in its own right and continues to train in her spare time.

Aside from her studies Zuma has spent 3 summers touring with Bread and Puppet (a circus puppetry company based in Vermont, USA) and has been a regular performer at The Edinburgh Fringe since 2012 with sell out shows and 4 & 5 star reviews. Over the years she has toured 14 countries from North to South America, Australia and across Europe performing and teaching clown workshops in festivals, theatres, streets, communities, site specific locations, schools, circus schools and Universities.

The art of Clown teaches us to connect, be mindful, present, listen well, take risks, fail well, to be sensitive, vulnerable, optimistic and human, to celebrate our differences, and learn to accept all that we are. There’s really no dispute in seeing how all of these aspects can influence one’s life, artistic practice and performance.

“It’s hard to put into words the ineffable magic and sensitive work that Zuma does. She is a facilitator of play, wonder and self-discovery who can intuitively guide performance towards every detail of emotion. I signed up for an L.A. workshop with Zuma for 2 days that were just full to bursting with connection and surprises and still too short. One of my favorite experiences in clown”.
– Brooke Candice, Los Angeles, USA, 2019

“Highly recommended class! Zuma really works with you to interrogate how you can improve your play and be more truthful and funny! Had a really great time! ”
– Johnathon Pletz, Berlin, Germany, 2019

“I’ve done a shitload of clown courses, but none have taken me as deep as these last two days. Intense and brilliant. I travelled far to do it and it was soooo worth it. Thank you Zuma . You’re doing the best work. The world needs this!”
– G-BOB Rob Los Angeles, USA, 2019

“It’s amazing, soul lifting, transformative work through liberating play and restores you to the very essence of who you are as a being. It’s freeing and fun and exciting and can lead to discoveries of new ways of thinking and ways of being in the world. Loved the weekend I did in Bristol!”
– Moniqa Islam, Bristol, United Kingdom, 2018