Amanda McDonnell

Artist Statement

I am a Performer. An Actor, A Singer, and a Dancer. 

I am also a Stage Manager. 

But above all: I am a Storyteller. 

I want to tell, facilitate and share stories through performative approaches to bring people joy and provide an escape from reality while also using my art as a mirror to society. 

I want my work to be limitless; to transcend style, genres and be open to possibilities, while also being feminist. I want to constantly keep on learning about myself and others. I want to improve and grow as I learn my crafts. I want to inspire others, to share the space, to collaborate with teams, to shed light in dark places, to play, to breathe and to create a community. 

Theatre and performance have a way of making one think, while also entertaining an audience no matter the topic. That is what keeps me coming back to theatre. If I can create something where the audience walks away learning something new and is deeply entertained, then I feel that I’ve done my job. 

While theatre automatically brings the arts workers together, it also brings the audience together. The audience collectively takes it in and is present in the moment and living a shared experience. I believe the arts will continue to do this no matter the world’s climate. The theatre will always bring the world joy, an escape and be a home to anyone who needs it.

Both Sides of the Curtain by Amanda McDonnell

Wednesday 23 June at 9pm

Working as an Arts Worker is not small feet. It takes a lot of work, planning, endurance, resilience but there’s a secret ingredient: Love. And somehow, that makes it all worth it’s while.

Both Sides of the Curtain is a musical web series that shares the comical adventures of an Emerging Artist as she explores the different facets of theatre. From humble beginnings in a Front of House Department, to learning the trades of Stage Management and to playing the game of making it as a Performer. Both Sides of the Curtain attempts to shine light in the theatre’s dark places, showcasing different aspects of the work beyond what is typically seen onstage.

This current presentation is a pilot (or demo tracks) featuring two episodes from the series. I hope that one day I can present all the episodes to their fullest potential.

Special thanks : There are so many people whose guidance, support and kindness have made this show possible and have enhanced my Nest Residency experience. Their time has not gone unnoticed and I truly appreciate all that they have done.

Therefore, I would like to thank, Suitcase in Point for the Nest Residency especially Deanna Jones, Marcel Stewart, Michelle Mohammad, Holly Keus as well as my fellow Nesters, for this opportunity to create and connect with creative artists and creators during these strange times.

I would like to thank my mentors: Beatrice Campbell, Kimberley Rampersad, Rebecca Perry and David Kingsmill, for the time they took to talk and share and help me learn from them.

I would like to thank my family: Gary and Patricia McDonnell, Robbie McDonnell and Christie Towne for all their assistance in creating the pilot.

Finally, I would like to thank my crazy amazing friends who listened to the weekly updates, betatested and helped with the poster: Marie Barros, Sam Barros, Joanna Richardson, Allie Towne and Lydia Smith.

Showtime: Wednesday 23 June at 9pm

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2020/2021 Nest Residents