Amanda McDonnell

I am a Performer. An Actor, A Singer, and a Dancer. 

I am also a Stage Manager. 

But above all: I am a Storyteller. 

I want to tell, facilitate and share stories through performative approaches to bring people joy and provide an escape from reality while also using my art as a mirror to society. 

I want my work to be limitless; to transcend style, genres and be open to possibilities, while also being feminist. I want to constantly keep on learning about myself and others. I want to improve and grow as I learn my crafts. I want to inspire others, to share the space, to collaborate with teams, to shed light in dark places, to play, to breathe and to create a community. 

Theatre and performance have a way of making one think, while also entertaining an audience no matter the topic. That is what keeps me coming back to theatre. If I can create something where the audience walks away learning something new and is deeply entertained, then I feel that I’ve done my job. 

While theatre automatically brings the arts workers together, it also brings the audience together. The audience collectively takes it in and is present in the moment and living a shared experience. I believe the arts will continue to do this no matter the world’s climate. The theatre will always bring the world joy, an escape and be a home to anyone who needs it.

2020/2021 Nest Residents