Emily Clegg

Artist Statement

Hello, I’m Emily. I am an artist that is centered with truth, honesty, and vulnerability. I am also messy, at times scared, and take myself (not) too seriously. I share this so candidly because I want to connect with you. I strive to be the most unapologetic version of myself so you can feel vulnerable with me, too.

The art I create comes from being present with myself and the world around me- a place I often need reminding to be in. It is from this presence of mind and body that I see, think and feel in a way that goes beyond colloquial ways of seeing and speaking – this is my tool to write, and my challenge to articulate. I want to achieve the full capability of expression, which is not limited to words but through the body, metaphor, and sound all of which exist on and off the page.

I find our most sacred pockets of life are when we are free to feel deeply connected to ourselves and others, and I use my entire toolbox to articulate these moments that can be shared and felt collectively. My goal is to create space to allow yourself to feel at the emotional, and engage with the critical.

I use art to channel my urgency to speak personally and politically. Critical thinking is at the core of my work which leads my interest to ask the big questions. I question my own experience of living within layers of socialization that have constructed the world into its present state of a system of power, to amplify certain voices and leave others out. What begs to be asked – What should we keep of this world, and what should we leave behind?

Nasty Women by Emily Clegg

Friday 25 June at 7pm

We are all passengers on a crowded train – not enough room to decide who we are before being groped into the identity of who we are told to be. How can we understand the full scope of our identity, who we love, who we want to be, all the while the incessant tap of a ruler commands ‘your skirt is too short’?

Nasty woman illustrates the perspective of Meredith, as she navigates and grapples with the realities of being a woman. When is she speaking too much, or speaking too little? Nasty Women serves as a creative pocket to explore the depths of identity, desire, while questioning the purposes and privileges of the existing binaries around women and gender.

For this event, Emily Clegg will read excerpts of her play-in-development, Nasty Women, and hopes to use this opportunity for exploration and to gain feedback.

Special thanks to Rosamund Small (mentor)

Warnings: This show explores topics such as sexuality, gender, and gender based violence.

Showtime: Friday 25 June at 7pm

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