Kosar Dakhilalian

“I am a body that creates personas, directs them, and plots their way towards un/known destinies. I am a performance artist, a director, an actor, and an appreciator of art. I see reality as having layers of theatricality, and theatre as having layers of reality. My community excites me and inspires me, and I find my comfort in everyone else’s. In my art, I like to create parallel worlds to shed light on the scenes, constructions, and issues that we know but look away from, or ones that we are desensitized to. I believe in active seeing, and active watching. I don’t consider a wall between the artist, the art, and the spectator; I like to break the wall. To me, the audience is a part of art, and art creation. My art does not have a fixed identity, but its fluid and flowing entity that travels within the lands, genres, and conceptions. The stage is a world free of any oppression, higher forces, and domination, but one that might illuminate them, and provide ways to go against them. Theatre, to me, is a ground we land on to create one whole, a performance.”

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