Avery Delaney

I am a theatre maker, musician, and above all else I am a person who feels immensely. Music is my life’s blood, a vehicle to navigate my thoughts and emotions. I am interested in the dichotomy that lives inside me between delicateness and rage; How does this sound? How could a person be so kind and caring but also be so angry. Music has the capacity to make you feel every big emotion; rage, love, fear, joy, and everything that falls in between. I hope to channel these feelings into words and give myself a voice; I hope to encourage others express those feelings too, because we live in a world that wants to keep those feelings silent. I value love and empathy, which has lead me down this path of being proud of myself for feeling; Letting myself feel everything that scares me and adversely everything that sparks joy. Music has been my catharsis in this life, I hope to give someone else this gift as well.

I want to explore my relationship to the space I take up. living in a body that looks and sounds “normal”, while fighting invisible wars with myself and my surroundings feels like being an alien on earth; disguising my words, my body, and my thoughts to keep from being sighted. Being queer and neurodivergent gives me a different outlook on the world around me and I have grown to love that. My life and my art are not perfect, but it is me. Learning to love the imperfections and finding beauty in them has been a journey but I can’t wait to bring everyone on it.

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