2024 Festival


The Console Concert

Get ready to dive into a unique experience with DAZE AWAY! We're combining live music and video games for an unforgettable night.

Event Description

Picture this: as you play extreme sports games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater on the classic Nintendo 64, DAZE AWAY will be rocking covers from the game soundtracks and throwing in some original tunes that perfectly match the adrenaline rush. Join us for a night of gaming and grooving – it's going to be epic!

Audience Advisory

Mild mature language, video game blood/ mild violence.

About the Artists

Justin Bertone (Drums/ Vocals)
Elijah Finlay (Vocals/ Guitars)
Bennett Wiens (Guitars)
Brandon Vellekoop (Bass/ Vocals)

Established in 2019, DAZE AWAY comprises four lifelong friends united by a love for music. Their blend of Surf Rock and Alternative Punk creates a dynamic sound with BPM tempos ranging from 80 to 200. Drawing inspiration from diverse genres, they cultivate a distinctive style while staying true to their core sound. Continuously innovating, they produce projects that resonate with their evolving audience. Noted English musician GOROX aptly describes their vibe as "Sweet, Sunset & Skateboard." DAZE AWAY's commitment to musical exploration ensures a captivating journey for listeners, reflecting their passion and camaraderie as they forge ahead in the industry.

DAZE AWAY - Live from the Studio

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Friday June 14
10 PM

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