2024 Festival

Collaboration Theater - Cup Noodles & Butter Tarts

Project "Ahjummas"

The crash of Korean Ahjummas adjusting to Canada.

Event Description

For the Korean Ahjummas who left behind their careers for a better life and entered the unfamiliar land of Canada, adjusting hasn't been as smooth as it has been for other families. Their numerous concerns change one day due to a small event. Their process of collaboration and challenge becomes a door connecting them to Canadian society. They are brave, capable, and passionate.

Now, as we bounce around with gusto, let's enjoy together. We want to relish the present moment through all our senses and talents (music, art, dance) that we possess.

About the Artists

Eunjoo Lee (Director & Choreographer)
Jooyoung Jeon, Jennifer Ruy (Art Work Director)
Heunmin Oh (Music Director)
Bella Kim (Coordinator)
Wujin Cho (Cinematographer & Editor)
Sooae Kim, Seoyeon Choi (Filming & Translations)
Jooyoung Jeon, Minjeong Kim, Junghun Park, Eunjoo Lee, Maya Kim (Movers)

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Friday June 14
8 PM

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