2024 Festival

Cllr Dwllr at RHIZOMES

Cllr Dwllr at RHIZOMES

A collection of nostalgia and wires for you to play with and consume, taking place at the RHIZOMES Hive.

Event Description

A collection of VHS’s,TV’s, Cameras and video mixers will be at your disposal. Come over choose a tape and start to explore. Cllr Dwllr will be there to help guide you to create new images and ideas with technology filled with nostalgia.

Audience Advisory

Mature content

About the Artists

Cllr Dwllr (Artist and Video guide)

From the depths of your parents' basement comes the one thing you never thought possible, A being able to harness the power of RCA cable and CRT Tv's. Cllr Dwllr will take what you knew as a kid and twist it into a nostalgia bomb ready to warp your mind.

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Friday June 14
7–10 PM
Saturday June 15
3–6 PM & 8–11 PM
Sunday June 16
3–6 PM

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