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Ben E. Wood

The Lovesick Lovestruck Dumbstruck Dumptruck Presents: Now That I'm Fearless by Ben E. Wood

Debuting this album project (said to be haunted). Let's grieve while we groove.

Event Description

Ben E. Wood (they/he) is a community-based artist who makes short and lively songs rooted in silliness/seriousness, mental health advocacy, and celebrating and challenging a world that is somehow ugly and beautiful at the same time.

This show will be the premiere of "The Lovesick Lovestruck Dumbstruck Dumptruck presents: Now That I'm Fearless" by Ben E. Wood. This album is something of a "jagged little pill for the chronically ill": a concept album of reckoning with both the past and the future. It invites the whimsy of ghost stories and time travel, both as metaphors for navigating change, navigating health and mental health as well.

This show will contain a "Brief Intermission" including songs from Briefs, a collection of ninety-nine minute-long songs that seek to laugh and cry at the same time.

About the Artists

Ben E. Wood - Singer/Songwriter/Else

First and foremost, I am a community-engaged multidisciplinary artist! Heaviness meets levity, and vice versa. My approach to art and community are informed by my lived experience with chronic illness, disability and mental illness, but also my "lived experience" making music, leading workshops and creating original audio art and digital media work.

I am the Artistic Director and Program Coordinator of an initiative called Dear Ailment which is a community arts initiative that provides high quality artmaking workshops to artists navigating mental illness. "Dear Ailment": like a train off its tracks, and a love letter to our unwellness.

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Friday June 14
9 PM

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