This season Suitcase in Point is embracing change.
Reversals and switches.
… Metanoia. 

Over the past few months the Suitcase crew has been doing some big thinking, sharing, reflecting and planning a SEAson of CHANGE. Maybe not so surprising really, since for the past three years, like for so many organizations, change has been inevitable. Constant pivoting of schedules, trying new things, flip-flopping plans and programs like flap-jacks! 

We’ve also, ourselves changed – shifts in perspectives, in the way we work and in the folks we work with. We’ve recently met changes in our company staff. We’ve said goodbye to incredible folks, we’ve welcomed in new, awesome folks and are feeling equipped with new energies and ways of programming, both in person and digitally. 

For better or for worse, change is an inevitable part of life. Some changes we can control and some we cannot. Some changes are inevitable and some we conjure up for ourselves. Sometimes we are afraid of change, sometimes we demand it, crave it. 

No matter what, we have all experienced some form of change and we question, what can that do for us? What does change do to us? We have projects in store that aim to explore these questions through a season of off-the-charts arts experiences that will invite us to think about it together. 

Get ready folks, you’ll see this theme coming through in our original productions, the work that we present at our 15th In the Soil Arts Festival and in all of our Arts Mentorship Programs. 

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