By DopoLavoro Teatrale in partnership with Suitcase in Point


Audition date: Tuesday Feb 9 @ 6:30pm, downtown St. Catharines. Only selected artists will be contacted.

Internationally acclaimed and 2014 festival favorite DopoLavoro Teatrale (DLT) is seeking artists from the Niagara Region for the first iteration of their new, interactive-urban, immersive experience. That Ugly Mess That Happened in St. Catharines will premiere at In the Soil Arts Festival April 29 – May 1, 2016.

Ugly Mess is kind of hard to describe: It takes audiences on a 72-hour immersive journey throughout downtown St. Catharines in search of a “missing person”. It’s part live tv series, part game, part theatre and totally like nothing else you have seen before. It creates an alternate world in which you can move and get lost for three days.

Audience and performer involvement will have varying degrees. Worry not, you will not be all consumed for the full 72 hours – but you can if you want to be.

We are looking for participants to fill three levels of involvement:

  1. Actors/Personae: roles to be played for the whole duration (or at least one day) of the piece.
  1. Cameos: roles/scenes to be played once or twice over the course of the piece.
  1. Extras: small but pivotal roles for the experience.

We encourage submissions from actors with different kinds of experience and training. People with no experience are also welcome to submit an application. This call is not just for actors. We encourage musicians, visual artists, singers, dancers, poets and any other interesting human beings.

To be considered for an audition, please email the following to:

dlt.submissions@gmail.com and deanna@suitcaseinpoint.com

  1. An updated resume or bio.
  1. A brief letter of intent (one page max) describing why you are attracted to this project, and an opportunity to tell us a bit about yourself and special skills. We are particularly curious in getting a sense of you as person. Our company is always interested in blurring the lines between reality and fiction and working personally with our performers.
  1. Optional but highly recommended: a fictional video (max two minutes) where you speak about a close friend or family member who went missing. Though the video is fictional you should try to make your speech real (or as real as possible). The video is a sort of secret confession from you to a camera and can be taken in any kind of location; out or indoors. The video should have an amateur aesthetic and should be taken with a mobile or web cam. (NOTE: you can provide a link to the video or insert as attachment if possible).


We are looking to recruit an army of local volunteers to make this project possible. If you are interested in donating some of your precious time to this cause please email us at dlt.submissions@gmail.com

Volunteering in Ugly Mess means being assigned to a particular component of the piece and being a part of a creative team.


For the development of Ugly Mess DLT is interested in collaborating with a local band in the creation of the soundtrack for the show and a live performance during the 72 hours experience. If you are interested in being considered please submit samples of your work to dlt.submissions@gmail.com. Also solo vocalists are strongly welcomed to submit their work.