Sodienye Waboso Amajor

Sodienye Waboso Amajor is a Dora Nominated Nigerian Actor, Writer, Performer and Mother who lives and works in Ontario. Dienye has played roles such as Puck in Shakespeare in Action’s adaptation of A Midsummer Nights Dream, Memory in Theatre Directs Binti’s Journey, Gigi in New Harlem productions, Gas girls, Beka in Volcano Theatre’s Africa Trilogy Shine your Eye, (Luminato, June 2010), reprising her role as Beka in a Canstage/ Volcano Theatre’s production of Another Africa (Canstage 2011) and Harriet Tubman in The Power of Harriet T (YPT 2013).

Dienye holds a master’s degree in Theatre and Performance studies from York University with a keen interest in Pre-Colonial African Theory and Development. She currently works with Suitcase in Point Multi arts company as the Artist Mentorship Program director. Dienye is a published writer whose work can be found on the online publication She Does the City. She is also currently developing a new visual and photographic work titled “Rest” which seeks to prioritize and localize the exploration and imagery of Black bodies in a state of Rest. Dienye intends to continue her studies as a PH. D candidate in the Theatre and Performance program at York University, 2023.

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