Oboma Horsfall

Healing through Visual Arts and Beading with Oboma Horsefall

Saturday October 21, 12pm-3pm

Embracing the canvas of creativity, participants embark on an exploration of gemstone jewellery-making, unveiling self-discovery and entrepreneurial insights. Amid the intricate beadwork, artistry intertwines with aspiration. O.H's workshop offers a refuge for emotional expression and self-nurturing, enabling the translation of personal stories and sentiments into resonant art forms. In this space, the fusion of healing and imagination propels the next generation of black women toward not only harnessing their artistic prowess but also cultivating profound self-awareness and growth across all dimensions of their lives.

Oboma Horsfall (O.H), is a Nigerian-Canadian Banker and Entrepreneur that is the creative force behind the alluring online gemstone jewellery and accessory store. With an inherent love for beauty and an expert eye for intricate details, O.H masterfully curates jewellery that beautifully merges her cultural influences, weaving together stories of heritage and fascination. Her deep connection to these dual cultures infuses her creations with both empowerment and resilience, resulting in pieces that authentically resonate with people across the globe. Through her work, she embodies the dynamic blend of cultures and the limitless potential that artistic expression can bring.

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