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Katie MacCabe

Born and raised in the Niagara Region, Katie MacCabe (she/her) is passionate about strengthening her community in her work and everyday life. She is currently working as Operations and Communications Lead at Wandering Spirits, an exciting new cocktail and coffee spot at 31 James St (right across the Suitcase in Point offices!) Katie juggles her love of the arts with her love of all things science and political science. In her everyday life, Katie continues to explore her interests by writing, practicing the piano, reading books about the illusion of “time” and the “Wild Woman Archetype” and occasionally making an aesthetically pleasing and trendy TikTok video in her spare time. With years of experience as a communications specialist in the region, Katie is thrilled to add her love for Niagara, arts and culture, and expertise in communications to the Suitcase in Point team.

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