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James McCoy

James McCoy (he/they) is a queer theatre artist working in the Niagara region. A graduate of Brock University and the National Theatre School, James specializes in all areas of theatrical tech, design, and management. He also enjoys teaching and mentoring emerging designers and technicians, looking forward to when he can work alongside them. James is the Technical Director for Suitcase in Point. They are currently working on combining their love for games, stories, and performances by designing experiences similar to escape rooms or murder mysteries.

It was a dark and stormy night when Luther Bludworth was murdered. He was a wealthy man, an active socialite, and a bloodsucking vampire. He was found in the antechamber, staked through the heart. Who could have done this? His heir, sick of Luther’s cruel treatment? His spouse, tired of watching Luther’s sidepieces parade around the manor, or the Vampire Hunter, invited by Luthor under mysterious circumstances? The Myrder of Luther Bludworth is an experiment in combining a murder mystery and escape room into a bite-sized piece, where the environment tells the story.

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