Ehab Mounir

Ehab will be sharing an excerpt of their recently completed play. The play explores cooperation between a married couple who recently immigrated to Canada. Through the course of the play, the audience gets to know the couple and experience the ups and downs of their relationship.

About Ehab

Hello, I'm Ehab Mounir, an actor currently studying Acting for Film and Digital Media at Niagara College under the guidance of esteemed mentors and actresses Stephanie Jones and Barbara Mantini. I embarked on my acting journey in 2012, and my recent short film, "There Is No Such Thing as Sahlab," received a nomination for Best Dark Comedy at the Alternative Film Festival in Canada. Additionally, my play, "My Bedroom," enjoyed two years of sold-out shows. I've honed my improvisation skills under the guidance of Shawn Kenly, a Canadian Improv master in Toronto. As I continue my studies, I'm dedicated to pushing the boundaries of my craft, exploring the realms of film, theatre, and the spontaneous world of improv. Join me on this exciting journey of storytelling and performance!

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