Cole Lewis, Lead Artist Mentor

Cole Lewis (she/her) is a theatre artist, educator, and Mom. She specializes in creating live performance from design ideas, exploring new modes of storytelling, and fusing technologies to the stage. Her practice includes directing, playwriting, and the design of moving image works. She is the Co-Artistic Director of Guilty by Association and Director of the Acting Program at TMU.

Twice-nominated for Dora Awards, Cole’s practice uses humour, design, and technology, to explore notions of violence, expose questions of bias, and unsettle standard conceptions of ‘truth’. Select credits: Writing/Directing/Performing the Dora-nominated moving image performance of 1991 for Why Not Theatre’s RISER Projects. Adapting Kyo Maclear’s Virginia Wolf for Geordie Theatre. Co-writing/originating the Direction of the Dora-nominated Keith Richards: The One Woman Show. Directing Canada’s largest wearable art show, STRUTT. Devising/Directing Redshift Music Society’s immersive experience Still Life Continuum at Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre. Upcoming: Seed commissioned by Stratford to write Untitled Nurse Project. Disparate, divergent, and wide-ranging, Cole’s works questions received ideas about identity, violence, and systems of oppression to explore alternative futures. 

Cole will be at every session and workshop, helping the participants develop their own original creation throughout the 12 week program.

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