Bianca Taylor

My name is Bianca Taylor and I am a Canadian singer, writer, musician, and theatre-maker. I was born in Oakville, ON, and have been residing in St. Catharines since 2018. I recently graduated from Brock University with a degree in Psychology alongside a minor in Dramatic Arts.

My artistic process always begins with writing lyrics and melodies, hand-in-hand. I start with general brainstorming, whether centering around a certain idea, feeling, or line/phrase that I want to expand on. The lyrics are where I lay everything out so I can analyze and digest exactly what I’m diving into (I’m very disorganized by nature; this helps). I always write with specific chords and progressions in mind, even if I haven’t named them yet. Typical themes I like to explore revolve around self-reflection, productive guilt, positive (and necessary) change, duality vs. black-and-white thinking, queer love and friendship, time and mortality, mental health and frustration with self, growth through letting go, and loss as a neutral concept. I find my Psychology degree greatly informs the work I create. I hope to resonate with those who may have experienced/be experiencing similar inner turmoil to encourage unity and quell isolation.

Being raised by a single-mother a capella singer alongside a visual artist sister made creativity inherently normalized and encouraged; this led me to pursue the performing arts at a young age. I wrote my first song at age 11 and auditioned for every production my schools offered, including straight plays, musicals, fringe festivals, and talent shows. Adolescence intensified many pre-existing mental health conditions (in addition to introducing new ones) and I found song-writing to be a great therapeutic tool, allowing me the space to process and reflect on my feelings, experiences, etc. in a way that makes sense to me. It gives me the opportunity to channel my strong emotions into something creative and productive rather than something destructive. I aim to physicalize the content I explore in my lyrics by finding a way for the track to embody it also.

As part of the Nest residency, my goal is to compose, arrange, and produce an EP with approximately 5 of my originals as demo tracks. I want to have something physical to share with the world so I can start getting my music out there. I’m hoping to keep the creative juices flowing and the artistic momentum going post-Nest so I can play at shows and release my first album sooner than later.

I am extremely thankful to Suitcase in Point for including me in the 2023-2024 Nest Residency among such incredibly talented artists. To say I’m honoured is an understatement, and I can’t wait to support each other in our journeys!

A photo of Bianca smiling wearing a read shirt.
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