b current performing arts

b current performing arts’ production of Freedom: A Mixtape, which originated at Suitcase in Point in 2020 as an online auditory experience. The show returns to St Catharines for a live performance as part of its cross-province tour. Freedom: A Mixtape sheds light on the harsh realities of racism faced by many in our community, challenging stereotypes and fostering a gritty celebration of resilience. Join us for a poetic immersive journey where this talented ensemble of artists courageously challenge societal norms through unapologetic stories, songs, and spoken word. You can learn more about Freedom: A Mixtape here.

*Freedom: A Mixtape Content Advisory: Mature themes, Strong language, Gunshots. The performance delves into ancestral healing, generational trauma, police brutality, and the intricate layers of Black identity.

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