Ana Sanchez Vimo

ADRIFT (A LA DERIVA) is a performance solo about self-exploitation and the wounds that dance
leaves in the body, and how despite them human beings heal and move again.
The movement appears ambiguously on stage without explicitly mentioning the dance. The
scenes confront strong workout with passivity. Self-exploitation opposes the wait, as a
metaphor for the limbo where wounds hurt and heal. The body is bandaged and contained by
prosthesis and explores new ways to move and creates its own language as asking for help to
be rescued, the person is erased behind the wounds and bandages.

ANA SÁNCHEZ VIMO Born in 1990 in Argentina. Dancer, choreographer, teacher and
independent artist. Deeply dedicated to the arts of movement and the language of the body.
The piece is created virtually between Ana Sanchez Vimo and Leila Loforte, based in two
different cities of Argentina

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