Suitcase in Point is an artist-founded and artist-run organization, supported by a team of volunteer board and committee members. We are honoured to have a roster of creative collaborators that includes some of the best artistic talents and leaders from across Turtle Island.

The Company

Deanna Jones

Co-Founder + Artistic Director

Kate Leathers

Managing Director

Tamara Jensen

Director of Marketing and

Sodienye Waboso

Arts Mentorship Program

James McCoy

Technical Director

Katie MacCabe

Marketing Specialist


Alex Brown

Co-Founder, Artistic Director Emeritus, Writer, Performer, Administrator Emeritus, Collaborator

Brian Foster

Co-Founder, Writer, Performer

Cole Lewis

Co-Founder, Artist

Deanna Jones

Co-Founder + Artistic Director

Edwin Conroy  Jr.

Co-Founder, Writer,

Joe Lapinski


Miles  Coverdale

Writer, Performer

Natasha  Pedros

Co-Founder, Writer, Performer, Graphic Designer

Sergio Forest

Co-Founder, Artist/Technician/Lighting Designer

Trevor Enns

Writer, Performer

Asssociate Artists

We are proud to have worked with a wide range of incredible artists, stage managers and technicians since our inception in 2001. From creative collaborators to guest artists, the following folks have contributed to the past 15 years of Suitcase in Point programs.
Adam Buller
Adam Paolozza
Alexa Fraser
Amir Amiri
Amy Nostbakken
Anah Shabbar
Andre du Toit
Andrea Adcock
Anrita Petraroia
Brittany Brooks
Bruce McCulloch
Carla Ritchie
Charles Ketchabaw
Chris Penney
Clelia Scala
Daniele Bartolini
Danielle Wilson
Dave Clark
Dave Oxner
Dawn Crysler
Debbie Arruda
Diane Konkin
Doug Ledingham
Erin Birkenbergs
Erin Shields
Ernest Harris Jr.
Ethan Rising
Geoff Brown
Graham Shaw
Gupreet Chana
Hayley Malouin
Heather Maxwell
Jacob Bergsma
Jacqueline Costa
Jason Cadieux
Jessica Carmichael
Joe Lapinski
Johnny Cann
June Etta Chenard
Kasia Smuga
Kate Leathers
Katie Webb
Kaylyn Valdez-Scott
Kelli Sitarski
Ker Wells
Kevin Richardson
Kimberly Purtell
Kris Demeanor
Lewis Melville
Lisa Brooke
Lisa Marie Diliberto
Marcel Stewart
Melissa Convery
Michael Greves
Michelle Mohammed
Mike Wale
Monica Dufault
Muoi Nene
Peter Balkwill
Rebecca Walsh
Rob Robbins
Robert Feetham
Rose Plotek
Sam Kalilieh
Sascha Cole
Shary Boyle
Stephanie Jones
Stephen Remus
Steve Watson
Terrance Cox
Thomas Colagna
Trent Pardy
Tyler Sainsbury
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