The arts, in and out of education

April 1, 2022
Samantha Rideout
I am an arts educator. What that means exactly is something I have continued to explore and challenge throughout the past six years. I know for sure that it means I work in a space that involves the arts and educating people around it. I also know that the work I do daily is a part of a stepping stone for possible future artists; waking up everyday and playing the role of arts educator is accepting that I have the potential to completely change the way a child grows.Aside from being an arts educator, I am a graduate of, Brock University, in the class of 2021. I have a degree in dramatic arts and a minor in geography, both of which will be subjects that I can teach after August 2022. I am also a student, working to complete my second degree in education in order to fulfil the requirements to teach within an Ontario high school. So many title words to add to my imaginary profile, but over the last three weeks at Suitcase in Point I obtained a new title, student intern. The education program I am completing allows for a three week placement where teacher candidates get the opportunity to explore professional development in an experience that is outside of the traditional classroom placement. With my love and longing for theatre at the forefront of my mind there was no question about exploring the arts in a capacity I had not previously.The past three weeks working with Suitcase in Point reminded me what it means to work within the arts and entertainment sector in Ontario, and more specifically, in the Niagara RegionThe roles that I fulfilled while working as a student intern had no direct involvement with education, butI was frequently reminded while working in this role that there are obvious links between my title of a teacher and student intern. There were three distinct tasks that I worked on which displayed clear parallels and blended my two worlds into one distinct identity.

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