Myer’s Masked Marauders

 A retelling of Hansel and Gretel that will definitely give you something to “chew on.”

Presented as part of In the Soil Arts Festival 2017

Friday 28 April @ 6pm @ Robertson Theatre

Tickets: $20 or Festival Pass

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GNAW is presented in partnership with Brock University.

A.N. Myer Secondary School’s Drama Department is proud to be part of the In the Soil Arts Festival. We have a thriving Arts Community at our school and our Drama Department is over the moon with the opportunity to showcase the talents of our theatre troupe, Myer’s Masked Marauders. This piece of theatre is proof positive that lurking in the alleyway, waiting at the stage door, sometimes pays off. We are grateful to Sean Meldrum for graciously sharing his script with us, giving us free reign to interpret it as we saw fit, supporting us throughout the process and being our biggest fan. Jessica Danecker and Ron Dempsey recently won acting awards of merit at the local SEARS Drama Festival for their portrayal of Edee and Bullpig, the parents of your nightmares.

The cast and crew of “GNAW” also won the Mary Laundry Award for the troupe that best exemplifies the spirit of the festival.

“Absolutely fantastic storyline! Breathtaking and intense. One of my top favourite youth theatre productions.” -Audience Member

“So powerful! The raw emotion was out of this world.” -Audience Member

“This show made me feel nauseous, and that is a compliment.” -Audience Member


Stage Manager – Destiny Clark
Bullpig – Ron Dempsey
Edee – Jessica Danecker
Gretel – Chelsea Toews
Hansel – Kristian Jamieson
The Witch – Ceilidh Peters
Lighting – Madeline Mantler, Nick Wilson
Live Foley – Elijah Glasgow, Sarah Harmer
Vocals – Shendel Rogers, Sarah Harmer, Elijah Glasgow, Imaria Haneiph, Jeanisa Haneiph, Charlene Austin
Costume and Makeup Design – Sarah Harmer and Destiny Clark